Medical Record Analysis

Our medical record analysis provides you with the evidence and insight you need for a winning case.

You can't afford to let valuable information slip through the cracks of complex medical records. Our promise is to give you the real story in those records with timeliness, accuracy, and candor. With clarity and understanding you and your team will be equipped to achieve justice for your clients.

Weaponized Medical Chronologies

Our medical chronologies are powerful tools to connect you with records and our analysis of events.

The true value of the medical chronology lies in clinical insight combined with world class organization. We  connect prior medical history with current symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments in an  easy to read format. We cross reference this data to make your chronology a crucial and powerful weapon in your case arsenal.   

Expert Witness Location

Testifying experts make or break your case. We locate highly qualified experts to fortify your case.

The right medical expert can make or break your case. With our clinical connections and experience, we locate, interview, and educate highly qualified expert witnesses. We act as liaison between expert and counsel for your strongest case presentation.

More Valuable Services

The opportunities are endless, but here are more key services to help move your case out of litigation limbo:

  • Merit reviews
  • Pain and Suffering reports
  • Identify standards of care and deviations
  • Assess damages and causation
  • Identify potential defendants
  • Literature search to support case theory
  • Discovery of missing records and tampering
  • Discovery of policies and procedures
  • Analyze and attend depositions
  • Write deposition questions
  • Prepare interrogatories
  • Prepare exhibits
  • Attend and report on independent medical exams

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